Thank You For Being a Friend, Ya Jagoff

A week ago, I discovered my CRV had a broken window – likely due to the brick resting ever so gently against the seat inside the car. Broken glass everywhere. We called the police, contacted insurance, filed reports, notified the neighbors, etc. Then we cleaned out the car. Sigh.

I had a carton of reusable water bottles – ruined with glass shards throughout it. About a dozen bags of food for the food pantry and another half dozen for pet food pantries. Glass everywhere. None of that was covered by my insurance. We tried to salvage what we could but it wasn’t much.

Vandalism is frustrating, obviously, but no one was hurt and my insurance covered most of the issues. Coming up with the $250 deductible isn’t easy but it is doable so I’m blessed.

But I’m really blessed because my friend John, the editor of, printed a guest post from me and asked his readers to make up the ruined donations. Wow. That was just the nicest thing ever. It really lifted the grumpy grey clouds of irritation around this situation and put me on the path to a good attitude.


My CRV is still in the shop – they discovered some mechanical lock damage, but everything is on its way to being repaired. I have a rental car. The remaining issue is getting rid of the broken glass in our parking pad. And addressing the crime issue in our neighborhood. But all of that seems doable when you have friends who step up to offer their support.

Thanks, John. 🙂


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