Childish tactics

I know the whole situation with the city of Pittsburgh is driving Sue up the wall, and I’m a little angry, too, but I’m also amused.

Because to me, this is ridiculous, and typical of a childish mentality … a bully’s mentality. Bullies like to be naughty and play pranks, but they don’t have the (ovaries) to admit what they’re doing, and when they get caught, they make lame excuses.

I’m no Internet expert, but I’ve set up websites for people, and some of those used web filtering software. I once worked for a place whose web filter blocked the National Weather Service’s website—it was classified as “tourism and travel” information, and I’m not making that up.

If the city of Pittsburgh wanted to lift this block, they’d lift it.

See, here’s what the mayor’s office should say: “You know what? We don’t like Sue Kerr because she’s mean to us, and we don’t like her website and we don’t think it’s useful, and we don’t want our employees reading her website while they’re supposed to be working. So, nyahh.”

And we may not like it, but at least it would be honest.

But instead, the mayor’s office is saying, “Oh, heavens, it’s not us, it’s this wacky OpenDNS web filter! Hey, what are you gonna do? Wacky … amiright?”

And I guess we’re supposed to believe they can’t figure out how to approve a website once it’s blocked? Yeah. Right.

Childish. Grown-ups should at least make up a more creative story.


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