Cherry Blossoms in Pittsburgh: Our Earth Day Adventure with the Sakura Project

Ledcat has a strong desire to go to DC to see the cherry trees blossom. We’ve never quite been able to pull off a daytrip (because of the dogs) so it remains on her bucket list. I went to college in DC so I saw a lot of cherry blossoming.

I was thrilled when I stumbled across a reference to cherry blossoms IN PITTSBURGH. I caught a piece on the Allegheny Front, an environmental program on WESA, referencing a Cherry Blossom grove in North Park.

Just like the Japanese government did in Washington D.C. decades ago, a local group has given a gift of cherry trees to Pittsburgh.

Seven years ago, a group comprised mostly of Japanese Americans decided it would like to plant 250 cherry trees in a city park. The Pittsburgh Parks Department said it did not have any room, but Allegheny County gave the Pittsburgh Sakura Project a plot of land near the boathouse in North Park to do its work.

So far 157 ornamental cherry trees have been planted along with nearly 100 trees that are native to southwestern Pennsylvania. Many of the cherry trees are maturing and are in bloom this week

I decided to bring the Cherry Blossoms to Ledcat so we drove out to North Park after work. She was  thrilled – she had no idea such a lovely spot existed in our neck of the woods. We spent about 30 minutes looking at the trees, taking some photos and just enjoying our wonderful earth.

Pgh Sakura Project in North Park
Pgh Sakura Project in North Park
Ledcat and the Cherry Tree
Ledcat and the Cherry Tree


2013-04-22 19.07.18
Pgh Sakura Project in North Park
2013-04-22 19.07.51
Earth Day Romance
2013-04-22 19.09.37
Pgh Sakura Project in North Park

If you are interested, the Cherry Tree grove is next to the Boat House and Pavilion #91 – the Sakura Project has a helpful map on their website.


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