HER Name Is Cemia!!!

There have been numerous reports of a body found in a retention pond near Cleveland, Ohio. As if that fact, in and of itself, isn’t terrible enough, the media reporting this news have completely and utterly insensitive and irresponsible. The woman found was identified as Cemia, or Ce Ce, or Ci Ci. She was a […]

Transwoman brutally slain, and media fail

Cleveland Transgender

So, here’s what we know—”Cemia Dove” “Ce Ce” (or “Ci Ci”) Acoff was a transgender woman whose battered body was found dumped in a pond in a Cleveland suburb on April 17. Here’s what else we know—after she was victimized by a murderer, she was re-victimized by the Cleveland media. Acoff was found stabbed repeatedly, […]

Are You A Second Class Citizen??

No!!  Of course you’re not! Well, Pittsburgh, here is your chance to tell the world that, and help a great cause at the same time! Get your “I am not a second class citizen” photo this Friday, in Pittsburgh! Ryan James Yezak is the creative mind behind this amazing new concept. A picture is worth […]

LGBTQ&A: Matt Merriman-Preston Believes Politics Can Make It Better

An occasional series where we pose some questions to local LGBTQ folks (and Allies) to learn more about their personal experiences with LGBTQ culture. Click here for a complete list of all LGBTQ&A profiles. I can’t remember how/when I met Matt, but he is one of the first people to come to mind when I think […]

Meet Jason Collins, the First Openly Gay Male Professional Athlete in the United States

Wow, some big news from the NBA today. Center Jason Collins has come out as an openly gay man via an essay published in Sports Ilustrated. I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay. I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But […]

PA LGBTQ Couples Can Marry Out-of-State; Cannot Divorce

One significant barrier for me with regard to seeking an out-of-state marriage is the simple fact that I would not have access to divorce as long as I remain a Pennsylvania resident. Married in New York? DC? Canada? Living in PA? No divorce possible. That’s outrageous. And its unlikely to change anytime soon. “Divorce is […]

Will I Get To San Jose?

My friends in social media are AWESOME! (imagine me singing that word) Amidst a field of 98 super qualified exciting people competing for scholarships to the Netroots Nation Conference, I am in 5th place. That’s staggering, as my high school geometry teacher would often say. The top five “vote getters” earn scholarships that cover registration […]

Sandra Bernhard Red Hot; Cultural Trust Going Green

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Sandra Bernhard perform. I hope it won’t be the last. Sandra Bernhard can sing. Really sing. Sing enough to bring her accompanist. Sing enough to hit notes, high and low, one does not expect from a comedian. Sing enough to leave me thinking Ryan Murphy is an […]

Go ahead and ask: How do you know you’re “trans”?

I was listening to a podcast of Adam Carolla and celebrity physician Dr. Drew Pinsky, and they were asked to explain what it means to be transgender. Now, I could unpack their conversation, because some of what they said bordered on homophobia (or at least transphobia) … Carolla was fixated on someone “cutting into his […]