Washington, PA Councilman Claims He Used Gay to Mean “Happy” in Email Test Message

In another fun example of Western PA’s descent into a red haze, we have this story from “Little Washington” PA – Councilman Matt Staniszewski sent out a mass email with the statement “Bryan is gay.”

Photo: WPXI Facebok
Photo: WPXI Facebok

He admits he did it. The email was sent as part of a test run of a new emergency alert system.

Staniszewski said the comment referred to a college friend, but added it would be wrong to assume he was attaching an insulting connotation to the word, “when we all know that the word means happy.”

Oh, maybe he was sending an alert from 1922 asking as to retrieve him from the time warp? Back when gurls were gurls and men were men?

Staniszewski graduated from California State University with a degree in computer science and claims on his bio to have a bunch of professional experience that would suggest he knows damn well that this was a bone head move. And he’s laughing about it. He claims:

  • Provides technology services, public relations, grant writing and marketing for a regional network of health centers providing medical, dental and counseling services to over 92,000 patient visits throughout Washington, Greene and Fayette Counties
  • Managed a local school district’s mainframe system storing sensitive student data and accounting records
  • Provided Information Technology support to achieve goals for 26 school districts throughout the region
  • Configured telecommunications equipment to provide distance learning courses for California University of Pennsylvania

Note that he uses present tense on the first item – so he’s CURRENTLY doing PR and technology work for a health care provider? I hope not. This man already has his “come to Jesus” moment when he went to jail for DUI in 2008. Apparently – it didn’t take?

It is this sort of “typical” frat boy game playing crap that drags Western PA (and the moderate Republicans) down the tube … this man is over 30 years old, old enough to know better and certainly old enough to take responsibility for doing something stupid. Instead, he seems to brag about it and play coy with his colleagues who express legitimate concerns about the inappropriate use of public resources for this sort of activity.

Staniszewski’s very wordy motto on campaign literature asks us to believe that he is *the* person with the experience, education and competence to bring Washington County in the 21st Century. I think he’s wrong on all counts.

And Bryan probably needs new friends.


Image: MattStaniszewski.com
Image: MattStaniszewski.com


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    • @Tiffanysblogs Yes he doesn’t have maturity to own his words or actions. Some leader

  • Hubby informed me that this appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show the other evening.  Way to keep it classy Western PA.

    • @TiffanyNiekroHarkleroad Yes, I saw that on Twitter – I watched the clip. It is pretty amusing. Between this guy, Luke and the Polic Chief in Somerset County who took a picture with a gun down a woman’s pants … really?

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