Trib Letter to the Editor on Marriage Equality: “religion does not always know best”

The letter to the editor dialogue around LGBTQ rights continues to unfold in the Tribune Review. I love what Sterling Sorrow of Harrison has to say. TribLogo

What sense does it make, then, to believe that gay marriage is illegal on the grounds of religion? The last time I checked, the Constitution, not the Bible, is the law of the land. We don’t live in a theocracy where the word of God is law. And who is Mr. Atkinson, or anyone for that matter, to believe that he is the master of understanding God’s word and will?

I do not defend gay rights on the grounds of religion. Nor do I defend it on the grounds of political correctness, for there is no such thing. I defend it on the grounds of basic human decency, on the belief that no person has the right to disrupt the lives of other citizens based upon self-limiting, private matters that have absolutely no place in public discussion.

The Constitution and the Bible are two different animals. If our nation really is founded upon what’s found in the Bible, why didn’t the Founders just adopt Christianity as the official religion of America?

I’ve seen this name before. I admire that Sorrow and others continue to rebut ignorant fools who simply refuse to accept facts. I fear its futile to convince some folks that we are not a Christian nation, but I think it is laudable to try and – more importantly – it has an impact on thousands of people who read these letters and take in the facts.

When I discuss my fascination with the Trib with my friends, they are typically shocked that LGBTQ friendly letters outnumber the haters by a typical 2:1 margin. Shocked! It is unfortunate that they don’t expect this support from the Allegheny Valley in particular. Now I can’t name with real conviction allies from that part of town with the exception of a college friend – it does seem, however, to lend itself to an interesting “live and let live” mentality on the part of LGBTQ friends. There’s sort of a stubborn independent Christian infused streak of rebellion against being told how to think by theocrats. And a lively appreciation for the Fourth Estate (newspapers.)

Personally, I wish more folks who read the Post-Gazette took the time to call out the haters.


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