Facebook fail (again)

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.44.01 AMBeaverCountian.com is a website focusing on news and opinion in (where else?) Beaver County.

Last week, website founder John Paul wrote about Kesha Webb, an openly gay student in Beaver Area School District who wanted to bring her girlfriend to a Junior ROTC Ball. Initially, a ROTC instructor told her that same-sex partners were not allowed to attend (the ball is mandatory for ROTC cadets), but the school district told Webb that gay students have brought same-sex partners in the past, and that Webb would be allowed to bring a date of her choosing.

Well, that’s a happy ending!

What isn’t so happy is that when Paul tried to post the story to BeaverCountian.com’s Facebook feed, he says it was rejected because “pornography or sexually explicit or suggestive images are not allowed to be advertised on Facebook.”

This is an old problem, of course. When Sue tried to set up PLC’s Facebook page, the website refused to let her use any variation of the word “Lesbian” in the name until GLAAD intervened on her behalf.

Apparently, Facebook hasn’t learned a thing. Hmm … I wonder if Facebook’s filters are run by the same person who controls the City of Pittsburgh’s web filters?

Facebook, here’s your theme song. You haven’t learned a thing.


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  • This whole filter thing is whackadoodle. The original story is a great FB post – a shame more people can’t see it. I don’t understand why these issues can’t be addressed.

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