PghLesbian Blog, Staff Semi-Finalists in for 7 Readers Choice Awards

I enjoy contributing to the Keystone Alliance/GayLife Newsletter – they have a really interesting vibe Logo Keystone Gaylifethat is so in touch with the LGBTQ community – its hard to describe. So it is always an honor to be included in the nominations for their annual Readers Choice awards. This year, we received a record 7 total nominations for the blog and our blogging team including

Favorite GLBT Media Publiation (Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents)

Favorite GLBT Social Media (Sue Kerr)

News Media Staff or Columnist (Sue Kerr)

Lesbian of the Year (Sue Kerr, Laura Dunhoff)

GLBT Person of the Year (Sue Kerr)

GLBT Couple of the Year (Sue Kerr and Laura Dunhoff)

Anyway, it is lovely to be acknowledged and I’m happy that they took my suggestion of adding a social media category because so much is happening in that venue.

But here’s my favorite all time thing:This is very cool!

This is very cool!

Seriously – how much more fun of an award for couple of the year could there by than this? I guess all of my posts on Facebook about our exciting date nights with Netflix and herbal tea have created a wave!

We would love your support and your vote. It has been an exciting year for us – we’ve added Trish and Jen as regular contributors, we’ve been invited to several LGBTQ blogging conferences where we get to meet the best and brightest in our field and we even have a new WordPress theme. Plus, we were officially gay bashed by the City of Pittsburgh which is no small feat. 🙂

Here’s how it works. The semi-finalist voting is open until February 28. You simply submit an email ballot ranking your choices in the various categories. This is a complete list of nominees in all categories. After the finalists are selected, you can vote again in March with the winner’s announced in May. I suggest you read over the ballot webpage and the many categories.

Much thanks for the nominations. It takes a lot to keep a blog going and it really does feel good when members of the community acknowledge our work.

Yinz rock!

(and do I get credit for not making a single “Oh My’ pun in this post?)


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