“Homosexuals used to live their lives and keep to themselves.” Letter to the Editor in Tribune Review.

Well Rudy Gagliardi of Arnold pulls no punches in his absurd rationalizations for his homophobic views.

Re. Melissa Charlton’s letter, “Open our minds to gays” (Jan. 13.), which was critical of my letter, “Gay marriage (Jan. 5): I don’t know why anyone would choose to be gay, a pedophile, a druggie or a prostitute. But if they were all born that way, the chance for change would be slim to none. But we do know that some people are able to change their lifestyle, homosexuals included. I have personal knowledge of two who did.

Ms. Charlton says she’s a libertarian, but my guess is she’s a liberal. While gay people do adopt children, I question if that environment is best to raise a child.

She correctly states there were homosexuals when the Bible was written — Sodom and Gomorrah offer proof of that. Jesus didn’t abolish the Old Testament and replace it with the New Testament. TribLogo

Ms. Charlton completely missed my point that gay marriage could lead to people wanting to marry animals. My point was marriage is more than just love. There are physical differences that must be addressed in order to consummate a marriage and this difference makes marriage impossible for same-sex couples.

Prior to President Clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the military discharged homosexuals as soon as they were discovered. This was done to reduce the threat of venereal disease and had nothing to do with one’s ability to do his job.

Homosexuals used to live their lives and keep to themselves. They didn’t demand others accept their lifestyle as normal. That changed when public schools started teaching homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle and encouraged some students to experiment with it.

As I read this, I kept thinking how he’s trying to mask his hateful arguments in what sounds like reasonable “I love you, but hate your acts” approach. He seems to say we can change (like the druggies?) but then go on to ennumerate how we’ve been around forever minding our own perverted business.

Anyway, I printed this letter because I think we all need to know exactly what sort of stuff continues to make its way into the Tribune Review. The debate on LGBTQ issues is always lively over there, but it isn’t particularly thoughtful or rational. And that’s the mentality we have to cope with in trying to change people’s hearts.

So if you are an LGBTQ person who knows Rudy, here’s your chance …


UPDATE:  I tried to determine *how* to send a letter to the editor the Tribune Review. I didn’t see a link on the contact page (did I miss it?) and didn’t think emailing the actual editor was the best route. So I called the main number – no answer, then the toll-free number which transferred me to a voicemail box for someone on vacation for several weeks. I called back and was transferred upfront and then into the voicemail box of the editor. Then I tweeted at them. Seems to be that this should be a fairly straightforward answer. To be continued …

OK, I think this is the correct emal tribcity@tribweb.com


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  • Sue, I don’t like this conversation, but I feel compelled to enter the politically incorrect world that has been censored by you and groups that use you. “I love you, but hate your acts” is what you quoted. I would say I love you but get out of my face. I am a heterosexual man that doesn’t care what you do, until you try to influence how I deal with my family and life. Do whatever you want to do, but quit fucking with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and My Army. Homosexuality is not and will never be Mainstream……live with it, deal with it and drive on. I can live peacefully with you and love you and all that, until you mess with my life and my family. Once you do that you become my adversary. You do not want to do that. Understand you are in the extreme minority and get along. You are being used by Leftist groups that if gained power would exterminate you. I am a conservative and by the nature of my ideology and beliefs would never do that. Did you get that Sue…..Leftists (communists, Islamist s, Marxists are using you and check history, when in power will execute you. Conservatives would never do that. Dial it back a couple notches and enjoy your life as you see fit, but DO NOT mess with the way I raise my family….please. Love you….seriously. Just read this and feel it doesn’t convey the importance of the REAL love I feel for your community. I am in no way against anyone living in the gay community unless they get in the way of me raising my family the way I feel fit. Love……

    • @burghseyeview
      “Blah hate blah hate blah hate blah fucking blah hate blah MY Army blah hate blah threat blah hate blah REAL love (which gay love ain’t) blah hate blah hate blah oh, BTW, love (which absolves me from all the hate I spewed earlier).”
      The only threat to your traditional family is the notion that your children might be exposed to the FACT that there are gay people in the world. They are here, and pretending they are not will not change that fact. They have growing political power. The tide has turned, and you cannot stop it, so if you really know what love is, you will change your mind  and your heart. Because the time may come when one of your own children comes out to you, and your notion of REAL love will truly be tested.

      • @bonmothma  @burghseyeview  I agree that love does require a change of mind and heart, but respect simply requires being honest. Being gay is not a threat to anyone’s lifestyle unless they cannot truly tolerate the fact that we exist. Period.

  • Hutch – First of all, I would appreciate if you would stop the veiled threats “Do not mess with me, my family, you are my adversary” etc – they are not constructive, not fair and do not reflect our interactions to date. I asked you to dial that back once before. So let me be clear – I perceive that language as vaguly menacing and inappropriate for two rational adults who have different points of view. If you find my opinions threatening to your way of life, then stop reading them. But this is the last time I am going to ask you to step back from this language and have a reasoned conversation. I have no investment in changing your mind or your behavior.
    Second, you do not own the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. I have as much right to influence those organizations as you. And I have been advocating on these issues for over a decade and will continue to do so. And achieving success (as part of the larger group obviously.) So I don’t understand the comments “until you try to influence” … I’ve been trying for a long time. ???
    Third, this blog isn’t published on your bathroom mirror. You choose to read it. You make choices and the idea that my expressing an opinion interferes with your quality of life is simply irrational. What we don’t get at here is the essence of the real issue – that my *being* gay is the issue that interferes with your life choices. Otherwise, why would you care what one little lesbian blogger writes on a teeny blog? Just like the letter writer – if I am a good girl and sit quietly by not making a ruckus, everything is fine. Well, that’s not true. Everything is not fine. 
    Finally, I don’t care if you love me. We barely know each other. I don’t care if you think I’m being used by the vast left wing conspiracy. You can continue to say both of those things as often as you want and that’s fine. But I don’t care and I don’t believe you. 
    I don’t need your love, validation or support. But I do insist that you respect me and stop using threatening language simply because you disagree with me. Otherwise, we have no reason to engage.

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