NABloPoMo: Weird Things That Energize Me

He's looking for the ball!
He’s looking for the ball!

Throwing a tennis ball to my dogs. I love it. I can’t do it with my bum hand — and my left hand throws fill Ms. Marjorie’s fenced-in-yard with most of our balls. But it is so much fun to see how joyfully they play. Xander is relentless. Deus yips and prances. Ana barks fiercely and runs like hell if a ball come near her. It is great.

New comforters. I love a cushy comfy organized bed. I hate making the bed (but I try) so I often end up making it right before bed time. It energizes me in a relaxy way. We have a really nice white down comforter and just received a lovely blue one for the holidays. I love them. It is like a little sanctuary.

Running into old friends at coffeehouses. I love when I hear that “Sue?” and look up to see … someone! An old friend. A former coworker. A classmate. A childhood friend. I love it. It makes me smile. Crazy Mocha Mini Mug

GLEE. Need I say more? I’m 42 and I love watching fake high school students reinterpret 1980’s rock standards. Mostly I like the guest stars.

Saving money. I love the coupon triumph. That moment when I realize that yes I am going to save more than 30% of my purchase price. I also really really like self scan check outs because I can organize my own tote bags. It gives me the energy to trudge home and unpack.

A new issue of a cool magazine, especially Bitch or Ms. This can be in the mail or on the rack at Barnes & Noble. And since I got talked into a B&N card, I’m determined to spend a lot of time at B&N this year getting my discounts on coffee beverages and free magazines. There, I said it.

Following the plan. I love when it 5 PM on Sunday and everything that “has” to be done is done. Chores, shopping, recycling at the curb, litter scooped, dinner on, fun things done, just Sunday night to watch 60 Minutes and Downton Abbey. Nice. Sometimes I want to get up and do more, but mostly I want to read the paper without rushing.

When cool local famous people respond to my email. Tony Norman, Chris Potter, Kimberly Gill, Natalia Rudiak. I feel like a geeky fan, but hey – its cool.

This is sort of a throwaway post. But I’m doing it.


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