NaBloMoPo: Energy from Coffee and Synapses

I’m giving NaBloMoPo a try.

What the what? Its a month long blogging exercise – National Blog Posting Month. People usually do this in January around thanks. I’m inspired to give this a try.


Today’s prompt: “From where do you draw your energy?”

Some of my natural energy comes from synapses crackling a little off-kilter. I’m a mixed intro/extrovert. Being with people can be energizing, but sometimes I need to curl into my corner and go inside myself to sort it all out. That’s not a very satisfactory answer.

I get energy from the food I consume (or don’t consume.) When I eat well, I feel my power and energy. I’ve been off lately due to some illness and I can feel it. It is amazing how helpful sitting down to a light meal with some whole grains, a bit of protein and a bit of sugar can help turn my day around.

Credit: SurferSam
Credit: SurferSam

I’m not going to say my family, friends, etc give me energy because that’s not true – the motivate me, they inspire me and frankly they exhaust me. 🙂

I get energy from coffee – both the caffeine jolt and the ritual of preparing and sipping a fresh cup. I love coffee houses. I love flavored creamers (holidays only) and I feel smug energy jolts when I remember my travel mug.

So can I keep up the daily blogging? That’s a simple goal for January. Here’s to a new adventure.

And coffee.



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