Pgh City Council Redistricting – Developments

In a stunning denouncement of democratic process, Pittsburgh City Councilors Darlene Harris, Daniel Lavelle, Ricky Burgess, Patrick Dowd and Theresa Kail-Smith voted to approve a new City Council district map without time for well, much of anything. Thanks to Bram for the map.

Bloggers are waiting for Chris Briem to weigh in on what it means statistically.

Here’s what seems to be the immediate impactors (is that a word? it should be)

  • Bruce Kraus (District 3) lost a key ward(s) which could be problematic for those of who like having representation on Council (ie, the gays) Don’t tell the gays I said that. Some of them think Luke is all the gay we need, right?
  • Natalia Rudiak’s district was gerrymandered around her. Surprise! She’s up for reelection this year. Wow. What a coincidence.
  • While word on the street was that some of the contenders for District 8 (Peduto’s seat) might be jeanne gerrymandered out of the district, that does not seem to be the case. Ahem.
I’m sorting thru the little known facts. Here’s my questions
  • WTF? Lavelle and Burgess. We’ve spent months (I live in 6 – Lavelle) being dragged around while so much attention was paid to creating the appropriate majority black districts – rightfully so. I agree with the principal even though a lot of the decisions make for an even more divided Northside. So you just sacrifice the women and the gays once you get your way? Without even a conversation or giving the public a chance to READ the maps? How is that democracy?
  • Is Cory  O’Connor the Councilor we thought Patrick Dowd would be?
  • Why didn’t I pay closer attention in stats class?
  • Does anyone have a copy of the previous maps?

Bram has the tweets over at The Pittsburgh Comet.



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  • I am not a lawyer and I don’t know anything about Pittsburgh politics, not living in the city. But how is the new District 6 even legal?

    In most cases, all of the precincts in a district have to have at least one adjoining border with another precincts … in the new District 6, one half of the district just touches the other half at a corner. Could that be open to a court challenge if some registered voters wanted to fight it?

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