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Earlier in the week, I was asked by a member of the local media to comment on how LGBT issues are playing out in this election.  I gave it quite a bit of thought, but in the end I opted not to contribute. Why? Well, I could have pulled something out of the air about the DNC platform including marriage equality and ENDA. Or perhaps mentioned the need to increase turnout for the local elections – Matt Smith, Mark Scappe, Sarah Speed, and Susan Spicka to name a new statewide.

But I struggled to find the words. I’m very hung up on Mark Critz. I get furious when I see his “pro gun, pro life” advertisements and realize he is the very epitome of holding your nose while you vote.

I’m also struggling with LGBT apathy and/or fixation on marriage equality. There are so many folks who simply don’t know or refuse to believe the state of equality in Pennsylvania – none. They are adoptive parents but don’t understand adoption laws. Their kids are school aged, but they haven’t explored if the school district has a non-discrimination policy and a GSA or similar programs. It needs to be a dialogue early on, not after a child comes home with the imprint that family = mom + dad.

These are things we can accomplish,  school district by school district. It requires nothing more than joining a Facebook group and reading. Finding a school with a good model and then approaching your school.

But there’s a grim reality hanging over our head statewide – the power of Daryl Metcalfe and a hate agenda. It is not to be taken lightly – he would strip municipalities of many powers. Getting mobilized in his neck of the woods  is even more important.

So its hard for me to spout the party line when I basically want to say “duck!”


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