Farmer’s Market Love

Our friend Leah at The Brazen Kitchen is giving away passes to support Farmer’s Market:

But let’s have the sweet trump the bitter and celebrate the coming of September by paying tribute to the farmers who work so hard to give us the fresh, delicious, sustainable food that we all enjoy so much.

I never appreciated summer so much as when I tried to pretend I was one a couple of summers ago. Barb Kline taught me everything I know about farming (and I barely scratched the tip of THAT iceberg). As I worked under the hot sun, I understood just how precious our food is and how heroic, really, our farmers are. This is another reason why I do what I do. Because it takes hard work to grow real food – especially ones grown naturally — I believe its an appropriate homage to cook it well. Its respect!

And this September, PASA’s Buy Fresh Buy Local is celebrating farmers with Local Food Month! I want us all to show our love and I want us all to eat good food!

The Brazen Kitchen has some great prizes!

2 tickets to SAVOR Pittsburgh’s Culinary Competition ($130 value!) and 2 tickets to SAVOR Pittsburgh’s Great Happy Hour Competition on September 6th and September 7th!


We posted a photo of our absolute favorite vendor, affectionately known as “The Apple Guy”

Photo from the Northside Farmer’s Market.

The Apple Guy is terrific – he’s friendly, giving everyone samples of anything you want to try. He always has a line, but no one gets impatient (rarely) and he seems cheerful without being rushed. Its pretty masterful actually. And his apples are terrific. So are the peaches, plums, pears, and the apple cider.

That’s one reason we celebrate the coming of fall – apples and apple cider. That’s two reasons.

If you have a Farmer’s Market story to share, head over to The Brazen Kitchen.s



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