Why is OFA PA Making It So Hard

OMG. Of course, we want to support the first sitting President to endorse marriage equality. I even made a campaign donation to put my money where my mouth was on that one.

But the Obama for America Team PA folks are not making it easy. There’s no clear line of communication. Last week, I was invited to an event an hour after it began. Then it was changed to a week later so the invites were deleted? ????? I was promised someone would give me a call … three weeks ago. And when I voice concern, I get that typical finger wagging response as if waiting three weeks for a call is being unreasonable. No one call tell me anything about anything.

I can tell you they closely monitor Twitter and boot people who don’t follow them (even non-profits who can’t follow partisan accounts.)  I can tell you they won’t provide answers on the number of local people they hire or address concerns that there are more out of state white kids being hired over local African-Americans. And those are valid concerns.

I thought this was a swing state?

Anyway … they have my modest donation and my vote. That’s about it for now. You should vote for the President to return to office. He’s the best defense against lunatics like Daryl Metcalfe who have a lot of state level power.

This came into my inbox today …

I’m going to take a wait and see approach to determine if the campaign is going to fall into the trap of working with the mighty power gays to the exclusion of the rest of us.  Yes, I am sure they will be at PrideFest. But what the Dyke March? What about the FLO potlucks? What about Camp JOY?

It could prove an interesting summer. If some kid from Nebraska comes knocking on my door instead of an unemployed Pittsburgh person … I probably won’t be very chatty.


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