PA Politics: Its Hard To Be A Gay

Name a current candidate for office and I’ll roll my eyes. I’m cynical that way, but seriously … ick. From lack of experience to criminal history to atrocious voting records, its just sigh after sigh.

Well, there’s President Obama. I’m good to go there. News that the Department of Justice (DOJ in the twitterverse) will not defend DOMA under any circumstances ever again seals it for me.

But Altmire v Critz. Uggghhhh. Altmire voted to repeal DADT, Critz voted against it. OK, but they both voted to affirm DOMA which is a more telling vote to me. I suspect Altmire knew it didn’t really MEAN anything in terms of impact on LGBT folks, but it would win him some pew cred with the wingers. And it does mean something, Jason. It means you would sell us out to hold on to your seat.

You’ve read about the 22nd House District. I’ll be voting for Erin Molchaney even though I am frustrated that so many young leaders with no political experience seem to use the State House as a launch pad for their careers. I don’t think that’s a good thing. Good people or not, experience is important at this level. I particularly think our experience with Chelsa Wagner’s decisions after she was married and a parent prove that electing someone who hasn’t held office is an issue. Its not a popular position, but then again you probably aren’t faced with M&Ms as your endorsed candidate. So be quiet.

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My comfort lies with Patrick Murphy for State Attorney General. He’s smart, experienced and he championed the repeal of DADT from the very beginning. He supports a woman’s right to choose. He supported repealing DADT from the very beginning and never backed down. He’s the only candidate the national gays could agree upon.

So I feel better.

I’m leaving the Democrat party after the primary. It is just not a viable place for me to hang my hat. I’m not wanted and not appreciated and not valued, not only because I have a uterus and kiss girls – but because I don’t toe the party line to peacefully coexist in this socially conservative milieu known as Southwestern. PA. Oh, I kiss one girl, but you get my point.

There are some Democrats I respect and appreciate. They will continue to have my support. But the ACDC is a dinosaur and the state. This guy is the final straw. His conduct to me was just pathetic. The typical condescending smirky young person who aspires to be a Wagner and simply has no respect for voters like me. Maybe like you, too?

Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh in particular sure breeds a lot of old white straight men. Sigh.


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