Martin Schmotzer’s Ongoing Disregard For the Law

Seriously, I cannot believe I have to write about this. I swore I was done with this election because there’s no candidate that resonates with me.

Today, Schmotzer came to our house and shoved a door hanger type flyer through the mail slot.

I hate this. Local community groups, pizza shops and random business types do this all of the time. It feels intrusive to have something slipped INTO my home. I don’t want your fingers in my house. I don’t want to be startled at 3 PM on a Sunday when its obviously not the USPS. And its illegal. Sorry if your marketing plan relies on breaking federal law, but that’s your choice.

This year, I’ve grown fed up so I’ve begun reporting the violations to the USPS. They actually respond to me with the “response” of the guilty parties. Usually, they get a warning.  But it seems to have stopped.

My biggest issue is how Mr. Schmotzer responded. He admitted that he did it because the door knob on “these houses” don’t accommodate his fancy hangers. He justified it. He tried to redirect me by pointing to the ACDC committeeman sitting in the vehicle nearby. He just didn’t accept responsibility. And when I didn’t back down, he walked away with a dismissive gesture.

Seriously? A man who stole $50,000 from Allegheny County taxpayers and wants us to believe he’s reformed blatantly violates federal law and doesn’t give a damn. Why on earth would anyone be foolish enough to think he would conduct himself any differently if he were elected?

He won’t. Its like an Orie/Veon entitlement mantle is already wrapped around his shoulders and we can expect either nothing or egregious conduct.

Yes, I reported him to the Post Office. I also complained to the ACDC but I expect that to be ignored. Schmotzer’s interaction with an inner-city lesbian in his district indicates that he is the arrogant white suburban old school Democrat he’s portrayed so often to be in the South Hills comment boards.

I love that he owns a direct mail company. Seriously. He can’t even claim he doesn’t realize its a law.

We are so screwed.


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