Don’t Forget the Aunties …

Today, good friends of ours sent a “Save the Date” for the baptism of their adopted son, EM. EM is six months old and we first met him when he was only 8 days old! We’ve also been proud to know his older brother, JJ almost since he came home at six months.

It is very touching to be the “non-family” persons invited to these occasions – we are also looking forward to the adoption finalization. As a former foster care recruiter, that’s a moment I think will be lovely to witness.

It reminded me of a post I wrote last June in honor of the Blogging for LGBT Families Event. Family is a universal term for being part of the LGBTQ community. We should be grateful that so many of our sisters and brothers have the opportunity to include children in their immediate families, but not discount the important roles we all play in creating safe & healthy families.

I’m very proud of the time I spent as a foster parent recruiter. It wasn’t a career move I envisioned, but I was humbled by the contact I had with the foster parents and the children. I keep in touch with several families and rejoice with them as they continue on that path. I also weep when things go awry for them or the children.

It does take a special person to be a foster parent, but it also takes the rest of us to support them in that journey.

Don’t discount that aunties, my friends. While you raise our lovely little ones, I (and Ledcat) are staying on top of legislation and advocating and working pretty darn hard to make sure LGBTQ families are part of the agenda. My personal belief is that passing non-discrimination protections statewide is the best way to protect your family, but I’m glad there is legislation around bullying, sexual education and foster care with LGBTQ components. And I think its an important job to make you aware.

And we have the added privilege of a monthly or so often dinner/lunch with EM, JJ and their moms. That’s never dull. We are blessed to be in their lives.

Happy soon to be adoption day, EM. I can’t wait to tell you about it someday.


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