I will donate $1 to fight discrimination in North Carolina for each new twitter follower I get today

Read all about the effort on Bilerico For each new Twitter follower I pick up today by midnight, I will donate $1 to fight Amendment 1 in North Carolina. Amendment 1 is a “marriage protection amendment” … let’s support families in North Carolina! Click here to follow me!  I’m @PghLesbian24      

Facebook Is Not For Professional Communication

You know how much I adore social media. Facebook is one of my favorite tools in the whole world … somewhere between Android and being in control of the remote. But I just “go nuts” when people use Facebook’s email as a tool of professional communication. First, it is difficult to format messages so what […]

“Supporting Food Pantries With Pride – an LGBT Food and Tote Bag Drive”

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Interested in helping our sisters and brothers and their families access resources with dignity and pride? Hunger in PA is a serious issue: 1 in 7 people are not sure where their next meal is coming from. Working people with homes, families and cars. 1 in 5 children are in the same situation. Consider this […]

Bilerico – Election Results from PA

I took a slightly different angle on my post for Bilerico.  What do the increasingly complicated “choices” in elections mean when contrasted with the “choices” when it comes to legislative priorities … does the election of our first openly gay statewide legislator mean we are ready for marriage equality? No. But what can it mean?

Pennsylvania Elects First Openly Gay State Representative; Other Election News

Congratulations to Brian Sims who won the Democrat primary to run for State House in District 182 (Philly). Brian faces no challenger in November and is on course to be the first openly gay person elected to statewide office in Pennsylvania. From GayPolitics.com. Brian Sims tonight has won a decisive Democratic primary in his Philadelphia […]

Alex Libby from the movie “Bully” – He is Part of the Steeler Nation

  Here’s a little update on Alex’ life since his family participated in Bully.  

Unique Debuts on GLEE

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

What did you think of Unique’s introduction to the cast of GLEE as part of Vocal Adrenaline? http://youtu.be/dVLYZQWIzWw

Do You Understand What Happened This Week With The Obama Administration and LGBT Equality?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I hope you have been paying attention, but it is tremendously complicated.  From FireDogLake The Obama administration on Wednesday decided not to move forward with an executive order prohibiting workplace discrimination among federal contractors that is a top priority for the LGBT community. “While it is not our usual practice to discuss Executive Orders that […]

Melissa Etheridge Headlines Pittsburgh Pride Activities; Does It Matter That She’s a Bad Wife?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Rumors have been circulating, but today the Pittsburgh Pridefest organizers confirmed that Emmy winner and openly lesbian Melissa Etheridge will be performing at “Pride in the Streets” the Saturday event of Pridefest. I like Melissa’s earlier music and I have a lot of respect for how gracefully she walked through her battle with breast cancer. […]