These are the people who DO contact their elected officials. You should really be afraid.

When I was poking around the Facebook pages of a few elected officials, I found this on the page of PA State Rep Mark Mustio


She confused PA General Assembly with the Punjab Assembly. In Pakistan.


She didn’t read the link. The very first paragraph makes it very clear it is not about Pennsylvania. Then there’s the mind-blowing aspect of how someone could take this seriously.

Debbie took the post down and apparentlyblocked me. She’s probably embarrassed. She should be, but I have little pity for her because her Facebook page is pasted with wingnut crap. I have no problem saying she might have the intellectual underpinnings of a brick for not actually reading a link before she posted it on her State Rep’s page. Then there’s simple facts – we live in a Republican controlled state which would never do this. And a Democratic controlled state would never do this. For different reasons, but its not remotely possible this would happen. Unless President Obama has something to do with it?

But then there’s the issue that State Representative Mustio didn’t acknowledge or respond to a comment like this (ridiculous as it might be) that was posted on March 6. That’s 4 days. His page has less than 150 followers so I’m guessing social media communication with his constituents is just not a priority. Neither apparently is making sure accurate information comes out of his tools. So he’s responsible for this ridiculous mishap, too. He didn’t block me yet.

So why do I care beyond the snicker factor? Well, because Debbie is pretty political. And she’s not concerned with facts. Or research. That and her over-the-top Facebook posts suggests  we can make an assumption that’s she’s susceptible to rhetoric, spin and hyperbole.  She’s our worst nightmare – the uniformed ACTIVE voter.

Debbie takes action fueled by inaccuracies. What do you do?


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