Pennsylvania’s 22nd House District Endorsement – WTF?

This past Sunday, the Allegheny County Democratic Committee endorsed people.  Yes, they picked Altmire over Critz which we will visit in another post.

But I’m concerned about my district, the 22nd district in the House of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, formerly occupied by Chelsa Wagner. Up until Sunday, I could not get a whiff of who was tossing their hat in the ring (I’m ostracized because I’m critical of a Wagner’s ethics?)

Here’s what I learned:

in the 22nd House seat in the South Hills, Martin Michael Schmotzer received 68 votes to 45 for Robert Frank and 2 for Shawn Lunny;

Now I know Rob Frank. Shawn Lunny just friended me on Facebook, but who the hell is Martin Michael Schmotzer. So I hit the Google. OMG.

  • a story that he STOLE $50,000 from the coffers of the County Clerk of Courts office. He apparently repaid it with interest and avoided felony charges. So he’s not “quite” a felon.The charges once leveled against him should have no bearing on the election, he said.

    “Life is not about falling down,” Schmotzer said. “Life is about getting up.”

  • he comes across as a drama queen. the 22nd doesn’t need that.
  • I can’t find anything positive about him, just allegation after allegation of imprompriety, mini-me family dynasties and artful dodger stuff.  His mother was on Council in Dormont,

WHAT? Rob Frank has some experience and Shawn Lunny doesn’t seem to have committed an alleged felony theft. How does that not make them a thousand times more suitable to represent us?

(BTW, Early Returns – the 22 is also a Northside district but we are used to that.)

I reached out to my committeewoman, but she hasn’t responded (we are used to that, too.)

I also hear some other hats may be tossed in the ring. I will tel you right now I’m not voting for another twentysomething woman with no elected office experience. I want a woman who knows what she is getting in to if she decides to get married and have children. Call me anti-feminist if you like, but I want someone who shows up to vote on women’s reproductive legislation. Period.

So Schmotzer seems like a real gem. He must have connections to have grabbed the endorsement and I personally suspect this is a throwaway race because everyone anticipates losing the 22nd district here in Western PA. So once again, I am left feeling like they don’t give a friggin damn about us. More disenfranchisement.

Shawn Lunny has a website. It is sparse, but it is up and is shows some professionalism. We’ll keep our eyes open for information on the rest of them.  Lord help us all.

And yes we are going to try to interview everyone. There are at least 8 active LGBT related bills so we deserve some answers.



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