Pgh Media Coverage on LGBT Issues – Words Matter

What’s your overall impression of the effectiveness of Pittsburgh’s media outlets in covering LGBT issues? Overall, I would say B-. In terms of the number of stories they cover, the depth of the stories and the attention to national issues, I would say B. The difference is the inconsistency in how they cover these stories. […]

Vote for PghLesbian as Favorite GLBT News Publication

Each year, the regional Gay Life Newsletter acknowledges the best of the community through popular vote.  I was honored to be unexpectedly named “Lesbian of the Year” in 2010. This year, our blog is the first local blog to be included in the “GLBT News Publication” category. The newsletter publishers have informed me that they […]

“Hobo Hunt” App is Major Google/Android #Fail (aka WTF?)

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

NEWS: The app has been pulled by the developer. Read their statement   *************************************************************************************************** I learned about this from Twitter. Android (aka Google) has added an app called “Hobo Hunt” to their marketplace. HoboHunt awards players for hunting down poor people and virtually killing them. Players first snap a photo of a homeless person, which […]

To Protect My Body, I Must Have a Voice – An Open Letter to Western PA Representatives

Dear Jake Wheatley, Adam Ravenstahl, Harry Readshaw, Dom Costa, Dan Frankel, Joe Preston, Dan Deasy, and Paul Costa. Gentlemen. As you are aware, my House District (22) has no Representative in your august body. Nor is there any realistic hope that we will have a special election in April to ensure we are represented in […]

Girl Scouts! Get Those Cookies To The GLCC

We have a plan. Thank the Girl Scouts of America for standing up FOR #LGBT girls and tolerance and diversity. Buy one extra box of Girl Scout cookies. Then donate to the GLCC Youth Programs ( for their support of transyouth right here in Pgh. For more details, reread this post. This is not a […]

LGBT Volunteerism – Time to Step Forward

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

GLENDA is an amazing resource. I’ve participated both as a volunteer and as an organization using their talents. It is a locally grown treasure. I’m sad that they are in dire straights. I wish I had the time to make a commitment. The best I can do is to ask you to consider doing so. […]

Its Okay Because My Friend is Gay #FAIL

Reprinted from This morning a friend contacted me to share her disgust hat a local radio program was doing a sketch bit about “trannies” – it seems that they were guessing the biological gender of a photo array of sex workers. Yep, that’s what passes for morning entertainment in Pittsburgh. Before you ask, yes, I did contact […]

Rick Santorum. The Big Sigh.

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

OMG. I can’t believe Rick Santorum is still relevant … I mean LEADING candidate at this point. What is wrong with America? The man lost his Senate seat by 18 points. I”m not even sure how to say this. He’s nuts. He’s absolutely beyond the normal crazy and I know crazy. His views are based […]