Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day

Well, any holiday that starts with a blueberry muffin from The Priory Bakery is pretty good in my book, especially if you add a cup of coffee, a parade on tv and your best girl sitting next to you reading the paper.

We are skipping the cooking this year and dining out.  The menu sounds good, but I’m somewhat peeved that for a fixed price meal, I am supposed to choose one kind of pie. What kind of racket is that?  Everyone knows you try a little bit of at least two kinds of pie. Unless you are allergic or actually trying to be healthy.  Ah well …

I am thankful for a lot of stuff – Ledcat at the top of the list, of course.

Here’s a a rundown of thoughts from some of our favorite LGBTQ blogs

Pam’s House Blend – turkey and Pat Robertson

Bilerico gets a brand new look and safer commenting features this weekend.

Ah, Queerty has a nice video from the Prop 8 families.

Joe.My.God has a humbling post on the realities of the holidays for homeless LGBTQ kids.

Good As You has the “Thanksgiving Gay Marriage” advice from Maggie Gallagher of NOM. It isn’t funny.

Towleroad has a simply Thanksgiving wish.

A nice video on LGBTQ youth having Turkey Dinner in L.A. from No More Down Low TV (definitely check them out)

Happy Turkey Baster Awareness Day from Mombian (ha)

Shakesville (yes, they count) has Open Forum


Lesbian Central wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful that you continue reading, sending us great topics to explore and sharing our links.


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