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Just so you see a slice of public sentiment …

James Bruno of McCandless stirred the pot by pulling back the curtain on the gay agenda to destroy the Catholic Church, force everyone in the nation to approve of anal sex and good taste in furnishings AND kill the fetus.  OMG, he’s on to us up there in McCandless …

Marriage in this country and per the Holy Bible has always been between one man and one woman. Therefore, this is not a civil rights issue and there is no discrimination, because gay marriage is not one man and one woman.

The core issue here is that homosexual acts are specifically condemned in the Bible. Therefore, anyone who accepts same-sex marriage or promotes it condones these acts and is an accomplice in these abominable sins, answerable to God’s justice.

The gay agenda has a hidden, sinister goal. More than just a national law allowing same-sex marriage, they want a nation of people who approve of homosexual acts. Unwittingly, under the guise of a civil rights issue, we will become a nation that approves of these abominable acts. Along with the murder of the innocent through abortion, this will become a second national tragedy.

Well, he ties it up all nicely. Good for those priests and their celibacy, eh?  The only note he doesn’t hit is blaming the epidemic of pedophilia on gay priests.

Ah, but no need for me to deconstruct the fallacy here ..

Melanie Klaput of Monroeville

In response to James Bruno’s letter (“The Gay Agenda,” July 12): As a supporter of gay marriage, I am outraged by the bigotry perpetrated by the Catholic Church against the gay and lesbian community.

Mr. Bruno’s reasoning that marriage in this country has always been between a man and a woman and is therefore not a civil rights issue is deeply flawed. The United States has struggled with civil rights issues and is always evolving, hopefully toward equal rights for all.

Religious discrimination against a particular group of people is harmful and only serves to sow the seeds of hate. How is that Christian? The Catholic Church needs to adapt its teachings or face declining attendance and eventual obsolescence.

Tell them, Melanie.  His logic is flawed. His hatred is pervasive and destructive.
And then …
The primary goal of most gay people I know is to realize the American Dream: Liberty and justice for all. Our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be within reach of all Americans, not just those who share Mr. Bruno’s questionable interpretations of the Bible

The Catholic Church, and Mr. Bruno, have strayed far from the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. He demanded of his followers that they never judge others and that they always treat others the way that they want to be treated, with love.

Then a few other shout outs
Caitlin Howard of Mt. Lebanon reminds the haters that every other festival in the region beyond Pride IS a “Hetero-Fest”

So, the ratio of letters to the editor is in our favor! Rest assured, the ratio in the pulpit and pews is not.  Take heart, my friends, but do not rest content.  Public opinion is turning and that’s significant.  But we need to retain control of our destiny by leveraging actual advocacy contacts to the people making the votes.

And tossing in a few bucks to the collection basket at Mass is not helping.





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