Two presents in one day

Today was a good day.

My friend Anne gifted me with a huge bag of gently used clothing.  She's been following my weight loss saga and set aside items she thought I would like.  It was very unexpected and very sweet.  I have my eye on a plaid skirt for an upcoming date night.  Now I need to indulge my tight fetish …


When I returned home, I found a package from South Carolina which had my friend DeeDee's handwriting all over it. I ripped open the envelope and found a book. The Art Book!  She's an artist and I've been sharing with her about my journey through The Artist's Way and the need to do a weekly artist date.  So she gifted me with a lovely book and a gift card to a coffee house that she was regifting.  I was delighted with the unexpected surprise. 

I am very lucky to have such lovely friends. I'm also inspired to finish cleaning the spring /summer clothing I shrank out of and passing it along now rather than waiting around for the ground to thaw.  Pay it forward, right?