Blogging has been a bit sparse of late.  Chalk it up to some time constraints, lack of inspiration due to information overload and other stuff.  Blah, blah, blah.

It is still tough when I sit down in front of a crisp, fresh post opportunity and draw a complete blank.  Stuff is happening … stunning protests in Wisconsin, local rallying for women's rights and LGBTQ stuff all over the nation.

But I got nothing.  I could toss up some links of the “What we missed” variety, but I'm sure you are reading the national LGBTQ blogs.  Aren't you?  You should. 

Here's what is on my mind today

– Why is my cursor jumping around so much (I think it involves drivers and will require a large amount of time to repair)

– Will the anti-public union movement come to Pennsylvania?  Since many LGBTQ folks in the unions are closeted, what does that mean for them and for domestic partner benefits?

– Planned Parenthood gets defunded by the House of Representatives.  WTF?

– I'm going to do some volunteer work today which is a refreshing change. More on that later.

– I have scary medical tests on Tuesday.  Of course, I don't get results for 3-4 weeks so pray for me, okay? Nothing life threatening, but one of those “let's rule some stuff out” sort of tests. 

– Tomorrow I get to go to cool UU church, engage in a 90 minute discussion on philosophy and history and then get an organic facial.  Plus, there will be Ledcat's famous meatloaf for dinner.  Big day of awesome. 

Hope your weekend goes well.


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