Rally Thursday to Defend Women’s Lives

A message from longtime activist Jeanne Clark.

Dear Friends, (please excuse the potty mouth – I'm too mad to be polite)

 Legislation in both DC and Harrisburg is moving  that will put women's lives at risk. Cuts to all family planning funding. No abortion care in health insurance reform even if you pay it yourself. (And in South Dakota, they are considering making killing abortion doctors “justifiable homicide.”)

 We must go Egyptian on this bastards and let them know we won't go back to those bad old days when women paid with their lives for their basic human rights.

 Rally on Thursday, February 17 at 4;30 p.m. at the Old Allegheny County Morgue, Bring coat hangers, lye, Drano — all the “medical care” we had to use in the old days.

 We must make this issue so hot that these ass hats back down immediately.

 We've done it before when we stopped the Senate from sweeping Anita Hill's experience with Clarence Thomas under the rug, and made them reconvene the hearings. And in the next election, we replaced many of the bad guys — Republican and Dem — with strong women.

 The longer we let these guys go on, the stronger they will be.  JOIN ME ON THURSDAY AT 4:30 PM AT THE OLD ALLEGHENY COUNTY MORGUE

 Jeanne Clark

Strong language from a stalwart leader who has been a longtime defender of women (and men and children and humanity) in the face of increasing attacks from cowardly control-freaks who — when you get down to it — don't trust us to make decisions about our own bodies, our own lives.

I don't remember a time when women resorted to lye and coat hangers to end unwanted pregnancies, but it scares the hell out of me.  And it really pisses me off.  Get your hands and your minds out of my uterus and focus on the friggin economy. 

542 Fourth Ave. 


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