I haven't done a “what's up with me” update.

I've been lacking motivation to walk/exercise.  I still hung in and got three workouts a week in, but last week I slid down to two.  So today, I got out for a 3 mile walk right after breakfast so there would be no excuses.  I have to get back on the Wii but it just seems so hard. 

I can feel the difference the less exercise has.  My knee pain is back and I'm less flexible.  I suppose it is inevitable in the winter, but I'm searching for a good motivator.  I put on a pair of one of my new size 14 jeans and they still fit so at least I'm not gaining, but I'd prefer them to fit a little more comfortably and I have about 6 other size 14 articles of clothing that don't yet fit.  I find that clothing helps beyond simply measuring how much weight I've lost.  I haven't been on the scale in three weeks. 

I've also been working on a very specific goal to increase my consumption of fruits & veggies.  There are new federal guidelines that tailor consumption to your weight and activity level.  I am recommended to eat 1.5 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies each day.  Which is hard.  Really hard.  Check out this site for more details. http://www.fruitsandveggiesmatter.gov/

My walk this AM was pretty awesome.  About 90% of the sidewalk was clear and there were snowflakes flurrying all around me.  I had a few moments when I gasped at how cold the air had become, but I cut 5 minutes off my time so perhaps the briskness paid off for me.  I also have an iPod that Laura gifted to me for Christmas. That makes the walk super bearable even when its cold. 

What is getting old is my route. I try to stick to good sidewalks which eliminates half of the Northside. Sparkpeople.com has a great route tracker so I'm working to up my distance to 4 miles per walk and trying to figure out a route that makes sense.  Or routes.  I want to go down by the stadiums onto the trails but I quiver at how cold it might be.  Maybe I'll venture down there this week and see what happens.  If I don't blog all week, call Ledcat to go find me.

Blogging has picked back up.  I'm on medical leave so I have more time and inspiration.  Blogging is a stress reliever for me and I set some interesting goals for this year, including more contributions to national blogs. I'm trying to infuse a bit more of Sue the person into this blog that has really tilted too far to Sue the political lesbian in the past years. 

The Society has a new project we'll be unveiling soon to demonstrate what a group of determined Pgh women can accomplish (or at least try to accomplish).  We met yesterday and that was pretty exciting.  Just the pre-project conversation was very stimulating.  I love women with opinions. 

I'm off to do a blogging interview.  I'm not walking.


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  • I made it onto the Wii tonight for 25 minutes and met my SparkPeople daily fitness goal. I also learned I lost the 2 lbs I gained over the holidays so size 14, I'm here to stay. I hope. Woo hoo! Plus, I've pulled off the fruits and veggies thing for 2 straight days.

  • Congrats for being consistent on the healthy lifestyle changes even when you are dealing with a medical issue. I imagine you deserve a rest anyway after what you did for all those people during the holidays. Keep up the good work.

  • I don't know many women who would blog about their clothing size. LOL. You must be feeling good and you should. Size 14 is the average size woman in America. I hope you also feel good about reducing your chances of heart disease and diabetes which kill women every day.

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