Stepping Up

I have a new goal. 

I am in a building several times a week that requires me to go up 9 levels.  Today, I began my quest to conquer the stairs in the building.  I started with 2 flights up and then all 8 flights down.  I did that twice, plus the stairs in the garage.  I'm going to add a flight every 2 days inside the building until I can make it up all 8 flights without …dying?  I was pleased at how today went so I guess I'm in better shape than I thought.  Going down is actually harder than it seems, especially when you have a handbag and a bulky winter coat. 

I typically take a mile walk at lunch and today was no exception (cooooollllldddd walk) which I can only do in 15 minutes b/c of the weather and the fact that I am dressed in street clothes and don't want to be sweaty.  However, I talk on the cell phone the entire 15 minutes and don't huff and puff at all. 

It feels good to not huff and puff, particularly when you have asthma working against your lungs.  I continue to be amazed at how good it feels to get healthier and stronger each day. I'm shrinking out of my winter clothes a bit so the timing to buy spring clothing might just work out. 

Anyway, that's my goal and I'm blogging about it so I can't wiggle out in my own head.  Me + stairs = Stronger Me.


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