Letter to the Editor on Marriage Equality

Missed this in the Post-Gazette earlier in the week (I'd blame the search engine, but we've already been down that path).

Like Mr. Franck, I was once the sort of earnest Christian whose judgment against sexual difference was formed according to what I thought were orthodox ideas about the Bible and Christian tradition. But I now believe — along with many fellow Christians — that gay marriage is as good as “traditional” marriage for families and society. Those who oppose it are not a persecuted majority, as Mr. Franck would have us believe, but a misguided one.

South Side Flats

This is a snippet.  I urge you to read the whole thing.

It is followed by a lively dialogue.  My favorite comment is this:

I have no problem with gay whatever you want to call it (no matter what they try to say, it ain't marriage)…but don't start crying about “bullys” when their kids get picked on and get their a$$es beat in school because they have two mommy's or two daddies. Personally, I buy into Darwin…

What does that mean? A laymen's twist on survival of the fittest?  That gay kids deserve to die because they aren't strong enough to stand up to bullying?  Big ugly words from someone who hides behind a fake name.  And so so sad.

These are people who might vote on our equality rights if the right wing has its way.  Be vigilant.



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