Personal catch up

Just had coffee with Bram from The Pittsburgh Comet.  It was nice to stretch blogging and political muscles that have been a little cramped lately. 

So, the diet and exercise regimen continues.  I am closing in on the 50 lb mark which is pretty awesome.  That is not my final goal, but I certainly intend to savor it as much as possible. 

I'm still having a massive clothing struggle.  I'm firmly between sizes so even the thrift store wasn't much help.  I'm just going to have to alternate skirts with looking frumpy for awhile.  Annoying. But a good problem to have. is a wonderful tool.  I was offline for a few days, but I was able to make mostly good choices even without consulting my nutrition tracker. I wrote everything down and when I plugged it in, got high marks so I feel a little more confident that I'll keep this up even after I lose all the weight.  I say that now.  We'll see a year from now. 

Otherwise, life has just been busy.  I haven't even kept up with the local section in the paper which is appalling.  In fact, i'm going to wrap this up and go read the Sunday paper so I can start being interesting again instead of just obsessing about how much a cup of fruit salad looks like in a take out container.  See what I mean?


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