i am willing to sell out

Bram was sharing his Sonoma Grill adventures (restaurant review in return for a gift card to raffle off to readers).

It occurs to me that I am really ripe for some opportunities to burst the illusion of noble blogger.  Beyond lesbianism, I've lost nearly 50 pounds in 8 months. Think of all the opportunities …

Dicks  – most of my weight loss has been due to swimming, walking and Wii fit activities.  Imagine if Dick's wanted me to try a new type of lady tennis shoe or (this would be awesome) the latest stretchy band?  Another area of potenial are sports bras.  When you actually use them, you realize there is a difference – especially when Wii makes you run.  I'm just saying that a lot of my female readers could benefit from a sports bra review.  If every season begins at Dick's, why not every stylish lifestyle change? 

My meal last night at Red Robin did not destroy my calorie balance and, yes, I did have a cheeseburger and fries.  Well, I had a portion of both.  You don't have to eat salads or bunless salmon patties while your friends quaff beer and inhale cheesesticks.  You just need to plan.   And be willing to stop mid chew and put the burger down.  Or use a knife to cut up your portions.  It can be awkward, but wouldn't it be great to review how I do it?  Bring it on, Mexico City.  I've got your calorie numbers.  I'm also looking at you, Legends of the North Shore.

Then there is dessert.  I skip dessert because I'm so full from the salads I inhale daily, but sometimes we go looking for a tasty treat and a cup of coffee.  Almost impossible to find after 7 PM here on the Northside.  So can I go to Dozen and stay on track?  How about Vanilla?  Or Glutueny — does gluten-free mean more other things we need to monitor? 

Right by Nature.  Speaks for itself.  RbN fruit and chicken have been staples in our home.  I'd like to find an organic deodorant that could handle working out 4-5 days per week.  We are being frank here.  I had to default away from Tom's back to Secret.

And I really need to find the best thrift store in Pittsburgh.  I'm dropping sizes in very unusual proportions so purchasing new clothing is selective.  Everyone has an opinion about the best Goodwill/Red, White & Blue store. 

So, I will sell my blogger street cred to find a good sports bra or nutritious cupcake.  Just putting it out there.

That's not a bad deal, is it?  Just contact me sue @ sitnscoop.com and let's get the sell out started …




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