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It has been awhile.  Thankfully, Kris Saunders of Squirrel Hill has brought back the homobigot rant to the editorial page of the Tribune Review.  Kris is of the mindset that the pedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church is a result of rampant tolerance of homosexuality.

But it is odd that the Trib, which has called for a societal endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle by granting same-sex couples the “right” to get married, would attack the church on the basis of the notorious priest sex abuse scandal, in which the homosexual lifestyle played such a major role.

That scandal only proves, once again, that too many Catholics aren't faithful to the teachings of the church and the example of the saints. Indeed, if more bishops had followed the example of Cardinal Peter Damian, a canonized saint and doctor of the church who had zero tolerance for homosexual behavior among the clergy, there would never have been such a scandal — while the Trib, I suppose, would consider this saint a homophobic “bigot.”

Now I'm not quite sure I understand.  Is Kris arguing that the Trib is being inconsistent by lifting up homosexuality, but failing to demonize the homosexuals for destroying the Catholic Church?

Let's take a gander at Cardinal Peter Damian … from the lovely Wikipedia … I learned that this is the guy who invented flagellation.

A zealot for monastic and clerical reform, he introduced a more severe discipline, including the practice of flagellation (“the disciplina”), into the house, which, under his rule, quickly attained celebrity, and became a model for other foundations, even the great abbey of Monte Cassino: subject-hermitages were founded at San Severino, Gamogna, Acerreta, Murciana, San Salvatore, Sitria and Ocri. There was much opposition outside his own circle to such extreme forms of penitence, but Peter's persistent advocacy ensured its acceptance, to such an extent that he was obliged later to moderate the imprudent zeal of some of his own hermits.

There's more … namely The Book of Gomorrah: An Eleventh Century Treatise Against Clerical Homosexual Practices

Clearly, Peter had issues with homosexuality.  What gets lost in Kris' letter is the fact that Peter also had issues with the abuse of power by those in authority.  Would his censure of pedophiles who are homosexual end there or would he have the perception to see the deep corruption that covered up these sins and literally led lambs to the slaughter by refusing to exercise authority in the best interests of children, not the Church?

Who knows?  But it certainly is interesting reading and, as always, I appreciate a good letter to the editor! 





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