LGBTQ folks rally to reelect Congressman Patrick Murphy – PA

Congressman Murphy is possibly the only candidate in the entire nation that has the backing of the entire gay community, from Beltway insiders to jailed activists. He's been on the frontlines about repealing DADT and makes no apologies. 

If you've been paying attention to LGBT politics, you're most likely aware that the rift between Gay, Inc and well, the rest of us, is deep and divisive and damaging.  There is no gay body politic and that won't change soon.  Still, something very unique has transpired.  The community has rallied to demonstrate that our collective political will can make a difference by rallying around Congressman Murphy. 

See for yourself.  Recognize anyone?

There's a concerted push to get gay and allied attention on this election.  You can follow Congressman Murphy on Twitter which helps you stay in touch during this final push but also puts you in the drivers seat in a critical race, rather than continuing to sit back and wait. 

Rather than a laundry list of reasons to support Murphy (watch the video), I want you to consider the magnitude of the video. This is exactly what a defined constituency should be doing … finding common ground and pouring energy into that cause, both to effect change (electing an ally) and to develop a cohesive identity that is driven by the grassroots and Gay, Inc.  In other words, organizing. 

I do not believe LGBT people should be contributing a single penny to the national, statewide or local party, period.  The Democrat party has abandoned the gay community and doesn't deserve our support.  Focusing on the candidates who have earned our support through their deeds (not just their words) is clearly the best way to go.  We sidestep the ridiculously murky bashing tactics of claiming “any Democrat is better than a Republican” which is an immature attempt by politicos to control your vote rather than encourage you to think for yourselves. 

Your vote is precious and significant.  Those politicos wouldn't be scrambling otherwise, even if their tactics are irritating.  Your participation in an LGBT political movement is equally precious.  Lending your twitter account, your donations and your attention to the Murphy and Sestak campaigns is a way to be part of that momentum on your own terms.  And the politicos will be happy b/c the quasi allies like Onorato will get the coattail effect. 

If Murphy is successfully reelected, it will be fascinating to see if there's fallout for the LGBT community on a national scale.  Locally?  Eh, I'm not too hopeful we'll see any twitches left of center anytime soon.  Too few resources controlled by too few persons.  But one never knows. 


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