So Podcamp …

1. Political blogging panel with 3 women and 2 men was a nice twist.  Plus, the audience was predominantly male.  It says quite a bit that so many men care what female political bloggers have to say in person.  Maybe new social media is changing things a little bit.

2. Members of the Mainstream Media (MSM) came to the panel. Interesting discussion on the “symbiotic relationship” (thanks to Jon Delano) between blogs and MSM. 

3. How do I make good decisions about whom to cite on my blog?  I'm at a disadvantage because there are so few primary sources covering LGBTQ issues, at least not until they are sensational.  So I do rely on other blogs and count on my ongoing “off the record” dialogue with many, many folks to help me discern the credibility.  I do go to the big LGBTQ advocacy groups, but the need to raise funds requires me to use a skeptical eye.  Plus, the more I learn about the organizational stability of lack thereof, the more skeptical I become.  Tossing me off your email distribution list for whatever reason is not going to encourage me to promote your point of view.

4.  I spoke about outing/exposing hypocrisy. Several folks commented that they had no knowledge of this whatsoever.  Another blogger commented that he would never touch this.  I can see his point of view, but i also think exposing political hypocrisy is the job of all political bloggers.  If you'd cover a politician caught in a sex scandal that wasn't gay related, you should cover those that are.  It also reminded me that being a niche blogger has its ups and downs. 

5. Anonymous blogs. Love 'em.  Wish I knew who they were.  Wish we had more openly outspoken persons to air the dirty laundry and bring about some change.  Sigh.

6. We had a great turnout for our panel and it was lots of fun. 


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