Progressive Revolt

Is it possible that after the Dems are slaughtered in November, us “dissatisfied” progressives will revolt in Tea Party style and wrest control of our party away from capitulating milquetoasts? 

Did I even spell that correctly?  Do I care enough to check?  No.  I just want to find some hope in the future and some hope that is not grounded in Jon Stewart's leadership of the American liberals.  Or leadership toward sanity.

Mind you, I think you should work you ass off for the candidates you believe in and support.  I'm not really in a high profile district except for the Toomey-Sestak campaign.  I have no hope whatsoever that Onorato will win, but you should vote for him.  It will be interesting to see if he actually provides domestic partner benefits when he loses and realizes he needs to turn out the progressive base, not pander to his actual social conservative base.  But that's another election away.  Infinonymous cracks me up:

Anyone else wondering whether Pennsylvania Democrats wish they'd nominated a Democrat to challenge Corbett?

For the record, my home screen saver still says “Elect Joe Hoeffel”   Sigh.

The national LGBTQ leadership debate over incrementalism v substantial change just makes me hang my head.  Here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, incrementalism means … well, there's really no need to revisit that. 

So I'm going to the Onorato fundraiser in October.  I have promised myself I will not bring up domestic partner benefits, I will not bring up domestic partner benefits.  That's not a campaign issue. I am going to write it on my hand.  Maybe I'll just stay in the background and tweet the names of anyone who isn't a white middle class gay man that comes to the event (excluding staffers and women who have to be there). 

Then I'm going to write a check to Joe Sestak's campaign.

So what do we do after November 2?  Coffee parties are already been there, done that.  Maybe we should just all hang out with Natalia Rudiak? 

God, I'm bitter.  I need to go find my Atlantic and head up to bed. 



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