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Rob Rogers has a great cartoon on the recent pro-marriage equality court ruling.

Not up to date on the California ruling?  The Trib reprints a nice piece from the Washington Post on the ruling. This could end up at the Supreme Court level, but for now its nice to enjoy a victory.  The Trib also agrees with the ruling, at least their editorial board does.

Elsewhere, the National Organization for Marriage has been holding rallies (ahem — 25 people attending) to support their cause againt marriage equality. Counter protests drawing dozens and sometimes hundreds of pro-equality advocates have been popping up at every site.  NOM has responded by labeling the counterprotestors as violent. 

NOM is coming to Harrisburg and Equality PA is not planning to counter protest and urging Pennsylvania advocates to avoid that tactic as well. 

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) kicked off their “One Man, One Woman” tour on July 14th. At each stop where there have been counter protests or attendance by pro-equality supporters, they have disrespected or mocked them and attempted to provoke them into screaming or yelling. Their goal in doing this is to make our side look foolish and hostile. We have also seen that they like to play a numbers game where if we have even a few less attendees than at their event, they will claim that the momentum is moving in their direction. We know from the recent polling numbers and the pathetic turnout their rallies have been recording, that this simply isn't the case.

We are working hard to advance equality and will continue to do so long after they leave town. While we may be upset by their rhetoric, we can't get caught up in retaliation when we need to remain focused on what needs to get done to win! Putting our energy into showing up at their event does not help to move us forward. What will help to advance equality in Pennsylvania is if we use them coming to town as an excuse to mobilize local activists and build our network.

So after NOM finishes their ranting and heads to the next town, we will be out there getting it done! We are holding a terrific event in Harrisburg on August 12, the night before they arrive, around a special showing of the movie “Stonewall Uprising” with a panel on youth activism afterward. We encourage everyone who can, to attend.

Click here for more information!

Not only is this a great movie, but this public conversation will increase our network and identify new volunteers and supporters. Please do what you can…attend, make a donation or just plain follow our activities. But please, ignore NOM when they come to town and don't interact. Attention is exactly what they want, and why should honest people who hold equality close to their hearts be tricked into supporting their sad little charade.


Again, Pam's House Blend for some analysis.  What are your thoughts? I personally understand their decision to stay focused on the issues near and dear and, frankly, possible to achieve … HB 300, for example.  Still, Pennsylvania is decidedly lacking in activism. So many shun that identity in favor of the more palatable term advocate.  I'm a huge fan of advocacy, but as I've said repeatedly … we are missing this critical link. 

Enough for now.



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