Parking what?

I have no idea what to say about the parking debacle.  We were out of town for awhile and I am completely out of the loop except for Peduto's tweets.  I'm speculating that I agree more with Bill than I do with Luke, but I have to admit that with Ledcat as a City employee — I'm concerned about pension stability. So I guess I have some reading to do.

I haven't heard much about local action on LGBT issues.  No word on domestic partner benefits. I know that every time I bring up the fact that Onorato hasn't done anything about this I single handedly contribute to the downfall of the Democratic party in Pennsylvania, but still … gay people deserve health care for their families.  No word from the Mayor's Advisory Council, but I'm okay with that because they did help with the Dyke March. 

I understand there might be some sort of PrideFest Conference here in 2011.  That's good news. 

Any thoughts from your end?