The Lesbian Movie

Last night, Ledcat and I caught the opening of “The Kids Are Allright,” the film about the kids of a lesbian couple seeking out their sperm donor.  The movie was well made and much more about relationships with this one happening to be lesbian, than a lesbian movie.  Annette Benning and Julianne Moore star and how cool to have two high profile actresses take on these roles. 

Our experience at the theater was interesting as well.  The showing was at the Manor in Squirrel Hill, known for being a bit liberal. 30 minutes before showtime, the line snaked around the building.  Surprisingly, the movie was packed PACKED with heterosexual couples, skewing heavily above age 50.  I'm sure there were plenty of lesbians sprinkled in the crowd, but I was a little stunned that I didn't recognize a single LGBT face in the crowd.  As we left, I could say the same about the line for the next showing. 

I sure hope all these allie who turn out for movies that normalize us are turning out politically to advocate for us in real life, too.


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