Outing a Transgender “Dater” Major Misfire by the New York Times

Keeping with my theme of today's idiots, I must nominate Randy Cohen – “The Ethicist” for the New York Times, a feature I usually like.

Today, he tackles WHEN to out a transgender date.  Not when that person should disclose, but what a shocked date must do in response to learning this information.  No handbills, but its okay to talk about it.

Not a word on the tremendously high rates of assault and murder of transgender men and women.  No, Cohen just goes for the laugh about TMI on a first date (don't talk about wanting kids), but the necessity to disclose before you disrobe (on the first date?).  He takes not an iota of responsibility for what one's friends and colleagues might do once they have this information.  Nor does he assume that it is an individual's right to make that disclosure.  He just assumes it must be discussed, perhaps to deal with the horror of having dinner with a man who was born female? 

Arrrrgggggg.  See The Bilerico Project for more.


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