Exercise the mind?

I'm a bit slothful. After the holiday, we bought a Wii Fit Plus to make exercise as easy as possible.  I used it sporadically, but in May it really caught my attention.  I began using it 3 or 4x per week. Then I stopped drinking pop (2 lapses in 8 weeks).  Then I filled our office cupboards with healthier snack options. 

Now there's swimming – I don't know strokes very well, so I tread water for 45-60 minutes and consider that fine — and, yesterday, a bike ride.

Whoa. (BTW, the male Wii trainer is much “nicer” than the female).

I attribute my new found attitude to a work based initiative called Step It Up. My employer has dedicated some resources to promoting a healthier lifestyle among employees.  We set weekly and monthly goals, added in some fun prizes as part of a monthly drawing for all who  particpate and voila!  It has captured folks imaginations.  One of my coworkers gets off the bus a mile up the road and walks to work.  Another is also using the Wii more often.  Everyone enjoys the snacks.  I bought Gatorade for all my sites and keep seeing the empty bottles (especially this past week). 

One colleague won a voucher for a bike rental.  Another won a year's subscription to a healthy lifestyle magazine. 

The initiative really made me think about role modeling.  We talk at length about the need for our residents to lead more active lifestyles so here is an opportunity for us to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.  I also felt compelled to get involved to set an example for my team, both about the healthier lifestyle AND about being part of an organizational wide project.  I didn't anticpate I would *like* it. 

Our organization also provides us with a $200 yearly health stipend. I bought tennis shoes, sports bras, ankle and wrist weights and something else I can't remember.  Other people use it for copays, gym memberships, yoga mats, etc.  Someone else uses it for safety boots.  We also have access to a weekly chair massage and yoga.  Lots of non-traditional benefits that make a big difference. 

One downside has been less time for things like blogging.  Well, to be fair, that's also due to increased work stuff going on.  But I realize that not exercising my mind and my advocacy muscles comes at a price. Sometimes I'm too tired, but finding a balance is important.  So I'm going to try to do better, especially during the work week.  There's a lot of stuff going on. I hope you are reading Pam's House Blend and Joe My God and Towleroad to stay informed, but I'll make a greater effort on the state, regional and local stuff. 

As soon as I finish my Gatorade.  Kidding, giving up my AM coffee would be a serious cry for help. 


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