eQuality Giving Targets 2 PA Races

EQuality Giving, an LGBTQ equality campaign fund, has included two Pennsylvania candidates among their lists. This project is a viable complement to the ongoing call for LGBTQ persons to stop donating to the party, from the DNC to the ACDC, and focus on the candidates who support equality, rather than a party which is wishy-washy at best.

These candidates are the top priority for funding:

  • They are pro-equality (support all the Equality Goals)
  • They are running for federal or statewide office
  • They are in a competitive race (usually polling within 10 points of the opponent). See the criteria for endorsements.
    • All of the candidates to fund were personally interviewed by eQualityGiving.


Donate to MurphyMurphy campaign website

The outspoken Pennsylvania Congressman (and the first veteran of the Iraq War to serve in Congress) has made the repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” a hallmark of his career. His passion on the issue has helped to provide cover for the Commander in Chief, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Secretary of Defense, all of whom now call for repeal of the blatantly discriminatory policy.

 “As the lead sponsor of the House's bill to repeal the deeply flawed Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, I am fully committed to ensuring equal rights to those in the LGBT community. We must redouble our efforts to repeal discriminatory laws and improve the health and welfare of all, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.”


Letter from Donor | Donate to SestakSestak campaign website

This 3 star retired Navy admiral supports all equality goals and has been an outspoken advocate for repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.” As a Senator, he would co-sponsor equality legislation, just as he has done in the House.

“My position on the civil rights issues of the LGBT community is born out of my 31 years of service in the US Navy. I went to war with brave servicemen and women, where it was known – because of public surveys -that a certain percentage were gay. How can you come home and say 'you went to war for my country with me, but you don't deserve equal rights?' “

I try to support candidates, but I keep getting invited to $250 events and that's just not doable for this little social worker/blogger.  So I make my small contributions and do my best. 

Kudos to Sestak and Murphy for being at the top of the list.  Note that these are competitve races hence the absense of some of our long time advocates. 



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