Around the Nation …

Elena Kagan's nomination drew fire from Republicans because of her controversial decison around Don't Ask, Don't Tell while at Harvard. 

Speaking of Kagan, here's some footage courtesy of the Bilerico Project of wing-nut hater extraordinaire, Tony Perkins, testifying against here.  Why isn't he building a soup kitchen or something? 

Pam has a rather depressing analysis of the crumbs tossed by the White House and a sound ass-whipping for the gay apologists aka The Pink Beltway.  Maybe we could do something with that here in Pgh given our Belt System … the Pink Belt?  I like it!  Onorato and his Pink Belt.  Sounds like a 1950's ladies undergarment for our “special time” of the month.  LOL.

We might have a state budget. It is depressing b/c when the feds don't come through, human services could take fatal blows to funding.  So line up, private citizens, because your poor and unwanted will need all that extra money you have from taxes that aren't raised.  Ha.

Fourth of July plans?  We are having a cook out tonight and tomorrow I will be in my idea of hell — trapped on a river cruise for multiple hours to watch fireworks.  What we do for our loved ones.  Ah, love …


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