Where have I been?

I used to get up early and try to post something each day before heading out to work, but work has grown more demanding so I'm getting up earlier and heading straight there.  We've been understaffed and there's just a lot filling up my days — sometime, I can't even read the paper or <gasp> check Facebook or Twitter.

So I am trying to catch up on Saturdays. 

This is my fifth year of blogging so I have to admit that a mental break from LGBT advocacy hasn't been unwelcome.  I've been increasingly aware that Sue the woman has been a little lost in the symbol of Sue, lesbian blogger. I realize I've focused so much on politics that I've lost sight of other equally important issues that matter to me, issues around how people are suffering — including people who happen to be LGBTQ — for reasons that have nothing to do with their sexual orientation or gender identity and everything to do with social structures that oppress and discriminate vulnerable people. 

Oh, I'm not quitting.  Work will settle down and I'll get fired up about something.  🙂   I am lining up a great interview, doing some work with CORO around campaign training and just trying to pull out of the soul sucking ventures into things that are more soul sustaining.  I might even go to church.  

For today, however, I must prepare for errands. The joy of the weekend, eh?  🙂 


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  • Next time you happen to feel like being Sue the Lesbian Blogger again:
    Obviously a lot of stuff in the news about the CPRB, and it looks like we're destined to see many new appointments one way or another or still another. There are rules (or at least verbiage in the governing rules) regarding how that board has to be diverse and representative of the city. Considering that issues of anti-gay violence and discrimination which will crop up from time to time, I think it would be helpful were the CPRB to have some “out” LGBTQ individuals represented on its board. No I have no idea of the identification of anybody currently serving or any of the prospective nominees.

  • Several years ago, Beth Pittinger was going to address this with an LGBT group, Voices for a New Tomorrow. The group disbanded and the issue did not go anywhere. I think this is an excellent idea and one that should be brought to the Mayor's LGBT Advisory Committee.

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