PG asks if gay actors can play straight

Honey, most of us play straight at least some part of every day.  Like when someone says 'are you married?” and I know it is not appropriate to disclose because it might interfere with the therapeutic or professional relationship. I play straight just fine. 

Newsweek's openly gay columnist Ramin Setoodeh essentially says gay actors are not convincing as straight characters.

For gay actors, why should sexual orientation limit a gay actor’s choice of roles? The fact is, an actor’s background does affect how we see his or her performance—which is why the Denzels or the Tom Hanks-es of the world guard their privacy carefully.

Sean Hayes' costar Kristen Chenowith fired off a response. Setoodeh defended himself, saying he meant to ask if a macho actor would be accepted as out (I think).  

How can Mr. Catholic Mel Gibson play some of the roles he does and be believable?  Would anyone care if his wide eyed revenge seeking brooder was a Baptist?

The PG brings the Newsweek born dustup to the CLO where openly gay actor Malcolm Gets plays a straight cop.

As for playing a Boston police officer who falls for an actress played by Ashley Spencer in “Curtains”?

“Well, David [Hyde Pierce] won a Tony for this part and he's very open about his life partner, and no one had any problems believing him. And I certainly think that Ashley is adorable and I can happily imagine marrying her.”

Excellent point, Malcolm. It is imagination which drives the arts. 





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