Mayor Ravenstahl Appointment — Any Gays?

Today the PG reports that Mayor Ravenstahl is “ketchin up” on his job by appointing 23 people to 10 different boards. 

The nominations need City Council approval. There's lots of wrangling about people with expired terms doing a fine job in their current positions.  Funny how that never comes up when it comes to City Council elections.  Daniel Lavelle, for example, didn't say Tonya Payne was doing a fine job.  But I guess it is different when we are discussing unelected positions that have potential allegiance to their City Council liaison.  Nothing like transparency.

Of course, Luke dropped the ball (imagine my shock!) by waiting this long to fulfill this job requirement. Expecting City Council to hurry up and do their end of due diligence on 23 appointments is pretty typical tyranical (or bratty tantrum prone) behavior.

But here's my question.  How many of these 23 folks are openly gay?  The Mayor has set up his committee, sponsored Pridefest repeatedly, kept the dykes from being run down … lots of stuff.  But board appointments, that's key to saying he values the input of the LGBT community in an official capacity. 

Yes, my expectations are high. I want continued progress, not anyone resting on their laurels and none of this behind the scenes pink-washed good old boy campaign donor “trust us we've got it' crap.  We need equality and we need to keep up the pressure on young leaders to do the right thing, continuously. 


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