PA Congressman Patrick Murphy ups pressure for repeal of DADT

“So it was OK to waterboard a guy over 80 times but God forbid the guy who could understand what that prick was saying has a boyfriend.”–Jon Stewart

It has been a big day for the repeal of DADT.  Specifically, there is word that Congress (both chambers) will consider amendments of the Defense Reauthorizaton Act, amendments that will repeal the DADT policy. h/t Towleroad

Of interest to those of us in Pennsylvania is leadership from Congressman Patrick Murphy, a strong proponent of the repeal. From MetroWeekly comes a copy of a letter to President Obama by Murphy and Senators Levin and Lieberman asking for “official views” on the repeal of DADT.

“We will continue to work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle this week to pass legislation that repeals ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ but does so in a way that accommodates the recommendations of the working group and is consistent with the military’s standards of readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion, and recruiting and retention.”

The HRC weighs in …

The proposal would allow Congress to vote to repeal the current DADT law now with implementation to follow upon completion of the Pentagon Working Group study due December 1, 2010.  The President, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs would need to certify that implementation policies and regulations are prepared and that they are consistent with standards for readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion, recruiting and retention. The plan therefore addresses concerns expressed by the Pentagon that the implementation study process be respected.

Not everyone is a fan of this brokered compromise.  Pam Spaulding weighs in.

Do they think we cannot see the political jiu-jitsu at work — it's repeal with no teeth, as in it gives the administration and the LGBT groups the ability to claim “victory” in 2010, without actually freeing the members of the military who will continue to serve in silence. They have to wait for 1) the study to reach completion (what was likely to happen regardless) and a new wrinkle — 2) an arbitrary time when the President, Gates and Mullen decide they know how to implement it without any ill effects, and the president signs an executive order signaling “go forth” with anti-discrimination measures. That's a pitiful half-measure. How about “it's an order?”

The Obama administration has left the fate of service members in the hands of the Pentagon as the final arbiter — and whoever was present  working on our behalf as a community thinks this is palatable. Remember that.

It is funny that two different folks told me today that I need to basically say “it's an order” more often.  Hmmm.

The vote to repeal, but lack of timeframe seems rather artificial. I just don't see why we have to coddle homophobes in the military. If people don't want to serve with openly gay soldiers (or African-Americans or women or people of the Muslim faith), DON'T SERVE.  Do something else to give back to your country. Don't hold back the brave men and women who are willing to serve — sacrifice their lives — us. 

Still, at this juncture, we need to continue putting pressure on our legislators to support the amendment.  Have you called, yet?

More later. 

Oh, here's a piece from KOS from the “this is bullshit” perspective.


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