Stopping by the Tribune Review

What an odd duck of a newspaper. It regularly runs anti-LGBT columns, such as the one below, but will occasionlly print a delightful little story about a teenaged lesbian living in a rural Mon Valley town.

Anyway, this gem was printed a few days ago in defense of poor Catholic Charities, bemoaning the utter destruction of faith based help because D.C. allows people to get married, including LGBT peoples.  Hmmm.  Here's the best part …

Needy District residents will turn to other providers chosen by the D.C. government, which has lost the benefit of Catholic agencies' full experience and character.

Please tell me this was written before the latest Catholic scandal which is DEEPLY embedded in the Catholic experience and character of protecting priests before children.

Keep in mind, Catholic Charities can still bring likeminded citizens together to perform acts of charity.  It just has to play fair if they want public funding.  They stopped providing foster care and adoption services because they would be required to license same sex couples as foster/adoptive homes.  They continue to provide other services and receive public funding by simply cancelling their family health insurance coverage

This ongoing spin from the likes of the Heritage Foundation just reeks now that we begin to see the true deceitful ways of the Church leaders. Ripping family benefits away from employees (forcing some family members to rely on publicly funded health insurance) spits in the face of the very Institution that provides health care throughout the nation.  Do they turn away gay people from the clinics? 

Corruption drips down and I call this decision an act of a corrupted system that is probably better off playing with their own monies. 

The Trib did report on the Oil City showing of “Out in the Silence”  This is why it is important to monitor media coverage of the regional LGBTQ community … we need to chime in!



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