HRC Corporate Equality Index

Just a small post.

Did you know you can look up business and corporations to see their ranking on LGBT policies and issues?  Such as whether they offer domestic partner benefits or include transpositive issues in the workplace.  You can even see which companies don't make the list.

Great way to see if your money is going to the company that supports your family. 

When I considered switching insurance, I learned that my current company has a score of 100 and the other company only scored 80.  How awesome it is that they both are even on the index with great scores, but I stuck with my current company AND wrote to them to say why.  If Ledcat or I are in a horrific car accident, I want to deal with an adjustor who has the tools to assist a same sex family. 

A few other examples.  Target where I love to shop has a perfect score.  Wal-Mart has a 40. So YES there is a difference and it isn't just being snooty.

Starbucks scores well.  Panera is not even on the list.  (I'd be guilty of overkill if I pointed out that several Target's have a Starbucks within them, eh?)

We don't eat at many chains so that's not much help, but think of all the ways you can use this … where to buy your pizza to where to stay on vacation. 

Another important point.  The Index ranks GOVERNMENTAL compliance, too. 


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