Hoeffel and Leach

First, a link to the blog of Senator Daylin Leach, Daylinsights.  He's taking on AG Tom Corbett.

All of this is unnecessary. This lawsuit will proceed and the court’s decision will be binding on Pennsylvania with or without Mr. Corbett’s name on it, which begs the question of why he felt it necessary invest Pennsylvania resources in this endeavor. Mr. Corbett is using the tax dollars of people without health care to try to stop those same people from getting health insurance. He is doing so despite the fact that is involvement is irrelevant and well beyond his proper role as an elected official.

He should stop.

Well, truth well said.  This is about pandering and politics, not protecting Pennsylvanians.

Joe Hoeffel has also been front and center on this issue.

“[Corbett has] always struck me as a moderate Republican, and I think he’s desperately afraid of not satisfying the tea-bagging tea partiers. He looks at Sam Rohrer, who’s very sincere in his conservative views, and sees a threat.”

We need leaders to stand up to political maneuvering which hurts Pennsylvanians.  We should be working to ensure more people have access to health insurance, not throwing up roadblocks — especially funded by our tax dollars. 

Speaking of Joe, check out this article in the Philadelphia City Paper. Once again take note, that most Pennsylvanian's barely register that we have a governor's race much less identify with a candidate.  Given that a single vote could have determined the entire Steel City endorsement, it shows how much of an impact you can have as one person.  Pretty awesome to contemplate.


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